The Will


By 1915, women physicians recognized the need to organize and create a place for themselves in medicine. Through organization they affected educational practices and standards, developed institutions in which to learn and practice and created a powerful collective voice.

By the early 19th century, Dr. Eliza Mosher had risen to prominence as one of the nation’s premiere woman physicians. Referred to as the dean of medical women, she was a strong advocate for medical women organizing.

The Woman’s Medical Journal was founded and being published before the foundation of AMWA. It later became the mouthpiece of the Medical Women’s National Association. Margaret Rockhill was the founder and longtime editor and publisher of the publication.

Bertha Van Hoosen wrote an small editorial that appeared in the May, 1916 issue of the Woman’s Medical Journal entitled “Amalgamation, Not Separation.” The headline became a rallying cry of sorts and appeared monthly on credit page of the journal.

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