Changing the Face of Medicine…Here at Woman’s Med


The Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, the first woman’s medical school in the world, was founded in 1850. Some of the women featured in Changing the Face of Medicine and many others like them were trained at “Woman’s Med” and its successor institutions. [The campus on Henry Avenue was the College’s home through most of the 20th century.]

These women did a something something and yes, changed the face of medicine {pause for applause}

Mary Putnam Jacobi
Mary Putnam Jacobi, M.D., 1864 graduate of Woman’s Med, was a gifted physician and scientist who worked to dispel the myth that women’s bodies were not capable of regular, rigorous work.

Martha Tracy as Dean, 1918Martha Tracy
A 1904 graduate of Woman’s Med, Martha Tracy was one of its longest and most influential deans, from 1917 to 1940.  One of her most significant achievements was overseeing a $1.5 million dollar fundraising campaign to erect the new hospital and College building here in East Falls in 1930.

[ monoslideshow id=1 w=200 ]Catharine Macfarlane
Dr. Catharine Macfarlane, Woman’s Med Class of 1898, established one of the first uterine cancer screening programs in the nation and was a co-founder of the Cancer Control Research Project at Woman’s Med.  She was also the first woman Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

Sandra Levison
Nominated by Congressional Representatives, Sandra Levison, M.D. is a “Changing the Face of Medicine” Local Legend.  A long-time leader in nephrology at Woman’s Med, Dr. Levison is also a proponent of women’s health and women’s leadership. She initiated a model medical student curriculum in women’s health, which served as a template for women’s health teaching throughout the country.